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Planned Inspection

A planned inspection is a set of additional information that is provided when a GMDP certificate is first created. The Planned Inspection may be considered as the first step in the creation of a GMP Certificate, allowing inspectors from multiple NCAs to work together on planning inspections on third country site. The Planned Inspection falls into two categories:

  1. It remains as a Draft GMP Certificate until the planned inspection is actually concluded and the certificate is submitted.
  2. It is accessible to all NCAs with appropriate access (EUDRANET) via the ‘Search Planned Inspections’ module.

It is hoped that users will search for any planned inspection on a particular site in order to provide more efficient collaborative inspection coverage of distant sites. Planned Inspections may also be found within the Draft GMP Certificates area for colleagues of the author of the Planned Inspection (i.e. belonging to the same NCA).