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Building a sustainable European innovation platform to enhance the repurposing of medicines for all


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Patients are the driving force behind any repurposing project

If you are a patient representative looking to champion a new repurposing programme, we would like to talk to you. You can contact us here.

Sound scientific hypotheses are the seed to viable repurposing projects

If you have a drug repurposing idea you would like to share with us, please fill in this form. Our multidisciplinary scientific operations team will contact you back to explore onboarding opportunities to support your project no matter what stage of development it is in.

Advancing research policy is critical

Advancing research policy is critical to facilitate equitable access to repurposed medicines and contribute to make health systems more sustainable.

Connecting funders and ensuring the quality and impact of research being funded

REMEDi4ALL offers a unique opportunity for funders to collaborate and support research with a high potential to translate into real solutions for patients and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.


drugs as the

new normal

Drug repurposing as the new normal | Remedi4all

Developing a new medicine is a complex endeavour with uncertain outcomes. There is a growing interest among patients, clinicians and researchers to explore the potential use of existing medicines to address areas of unmet medical needs. REMEDi4ALL will bring together these entrepreneurs to create an ecosystem

where new connections can be established to test and validate existing medicines for a new purpose focusing attention on the critical steps of development. Ultimately, by involving the right experts at the right time, unlocking innovative tools to exploit existing data and generating a compliant incentivised process will allow for medicines repurposing to benefit those in need.

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