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Policy Board REMEDI4ALL (PB)

Composed of leading experts in policy and practice of repurposing, from all relevant sectors. The members of the PB will bring their knowledge and experience to bear to formulate policy innovations that are directed at solving current limitations in the system. To that end the PB will inventorise the current bottlenecks and propose solutions for improvements to the policy and regulatory environment. This will build on and work with existing efforts, such as in the Observatory Group (EMA and others), STAMP, ILAP (MHRA), EUnetHTA, and European Commission. The PB will work together to define positions, and on the basis of broad consultation and consensus-building will subsequently build buy-in and generate momentum using their own networks and the REMEDI4ALL community.  Conclusions, opinions and policy innovations will be disseminated through publication of white papers and position papers as relevant. The core principle underlying the efforts is inclusiveness, consensus and consultation, so that ideas can become reality using stakeholder momentum.