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Recognised Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent) (R2)

Recognised Researchers include:
  • Doctorate degree (PhD) holders who have not yet established a significant level of independence;
  • Researchers with an equivalent level of experience and competence.
Necessary competences (All competences of ‘First Stage Researcher’ plus):
  • Has demonstrated a systematic understanding of a field of study and mastery of research associated with that field;
  • Has demonstrated the ability to conceive, design, implement and adapt a substantial programme of research with integrity;
  • Has made a contribution through original research that extends the frontier of knowledge by developing a substantial body of work, innovation or application. This could merit national or international refereed publication or patent;
  • Demonstrates critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
  • Can communicate with their peers peers – be able to explain the outcome of their research (and value thereof) to the research community
  • Takes ownership for and manages own career progression, sets realistic and achievable career goals, identifies and develops ways to improve employability;
  • Co-authors papers at workshop and conferences
  • Desirable competences
  • Understands the agenda of industry and other related employment sectors
  • Understands the value of their research work in the context of products and services from industry and other related employment sectors
  • Can communicate with the wider community, and with society generally, about their areas of expertise
  • Can be expected to promote, within professional contexts, technological, social or cultural advancement in a knowledge based society
  • Can mentor First Stage Researchers, helping them to be more effective and successful in their R&D trajectory.