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The Fondation ARC identifies, selects, funds and implements promising research programs in all fields of oncology (genetics, immunology, cell biology and metabolism, pharmacology, etc.), in basic, translational and clinical research, epidemiology, humanities and social sciences, to promote multidisciplinary approaches.

These research programs aim to generate new knowledge, develop new concepts and propose new therapeutic solutions for adult and children patients. The Fondation ARC also acts to structure and foster the cancer research ecosystem.

The Fondation ARC’s ambition is to accelerate research progress in: the development of innovative therapies in precision medicine (targeted therapies, immunotherapies, minimally invasive surgery,…); the treatment and care of children and young adults with cancers.

The fight against cancer also requires high-quality information. The Fondation ARC provides the general public and healthcare professionals with information tools to improve prevention, medical care and the understanding of the disease.

Guided by public interest and scientific excellence, entirely funded by its donors and testators generosity, the Fondation ARC is a catalyst for research; gathering stakeholders in the fight against cancer and directing research to speed up the development of effective applications for patients.