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Funder(s): Debra UK,

DEBRA UK project grants of up to £200,000 for 2-3 years are offered to UK and international researchers through our research calls. Funding will be judged on relevance to Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), scientific merit and novelty. Applicants must demonstrate the potential benefit to EB patients in the research proposal. Only one application per grant call will be considered from each principal investigator.

Our key criteria will be:

  • scientific and treatment potential in relation to EB.
  • applications must have clear aims and objectives to advance scientific understanding of EB and therapeutic interventions.
  • projects must be feasible and achievable in the stated time period, as funding cannot be extended.
  • applications will not be accepted by DEBRA UK from principal investigators who were awarded our project grant funding in the previous year as a PI.
  • only one application per DEBRA UK grant type will be considered from each principal investigator

Our four overarching EB research priorities are those we view most likely to deliver outputs for people living with EB:

  • Drug repurposing and drug discovery- can your work on EB, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer or other skin conditions contribute to developing a treatment pipeline to slow, stop and/or reverse EB? We will fund work to identify and select candidate repurposed drugs for clinical trials.
  • Patient-centred research themes- can your research on eye/dental health, podiatry, skin care, nutrition or other relevant areas be translated into interventions that benefit patients? We will fund multidisciplinary translational research.
  • The causes and progression of EB- are you researching the drivers of EB, the relationship between genes and proteins, the role of the immune system and the progression of cancer within EB? We will fund work to understand the causes of EB.
  • Raising a new generation of EB researchers- are you building a strong community of highly trained, innovative researchers into EB or moving from another field into EB research? We will fund PhD students and career development fellowships.

Timeline & Milestones

Call Open

February 1, 2024

Deadline Full Application

March 31, 2024

Grant Decision – Final Decision – Awarding

November 1, 2024

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