John Liddicoat

Senior Lecturer - School of Law, King’s College London (UK)

John works on empirical methods and doctrinal aspects of IP law, often melding these approaches together to answer legal questions. He is generally interested in whether patent law meets its welfare-enhancing goal of accelerating the creation of new technology. His research has been funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK, amongst others. John publishes in a range of scientific and law journals, including Nature BiotechnologyInternational Review of Intellectual Property & Competition Law, and Intellectual Property Quarterly. Over the past five years, John has focused on IP issues surrounding repurposing. He has empirically studied whether extra commercial incentives for repurposing have been effective, and whether clinical trials for repurposing stop when generics are authorised. John is currently studying the different approaches from around the world that are aimed at overcoming the challenges facing repurposing. He also provides strategic or consultancy services to governments, companies, law firms and international government agencies such as the World Intellectual Property Office.