Tobias Zahn

Drug development and regulatory consultant - Pharma Consulting GmbH

Tobias is a drug development and regulatory consultant, working independently since 2017 at 3R Pharma Consulting GmbH, Dobel, Germany. Trained as a cell biologist (PhD 2003), he moved to a small pharmaceutical company (Birken, Amryt) where he was responsible 2012-2017 for the clinical development of what became 2022 the first medicine authorised for the treatment of rare skin disease epidermolysis bullosa. Rare diseases and orphan drugs remain a key interest of Tobias’ client work. He serves as trustee of the Heimer Stiftung, Bielefeld, Germany, a patient charity for muscle dystrophies. In addition, in 2021 he co-founded Crowd Pharma Losartan GmbH & Co. KG, a company spun out from the University Medical Center of Freiburg, Germany, and dedicated to the repurposing of the blood pressure medicine losartan as a novel therapy for epidermolysis bullosa.