Vincent van der Wel

Founder - Orfenix

Vincent van der Wel is the Founder of Orfenix, a venture builder in the pharmaceutical industry. Orfenix aims to improve access to medicines for patients by changing the way drug development is structured and financed. The company achieves this by actively setting up and managing (international) public-private partnerships of doctors, patients, (academic) medical centres, non-governmental organisations, pharmaceutical companies, contract-research organisations, and social investors. The partnerships, often in the form of a single-purpose venture, are generally focussed around developing one specific treatment. All parties in the ventures commit time and money to develop a treatment for a price that ensures access for all patients. At the conference Vincent will showcase one of these ventures, Haltex Therapeutics, that is working on the repurposing of Etidronate for the treatment of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.