Momir Radulovic


Momir Radulović leads the Slovenian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency since December 2018. He is a member EMA Management Board, a member of the EC Pharmaceutical Committee, HMA (Heads of Medicines) Management Group and Chair of EURIPID Board of Participants. His previous work experience includes Hospital and Community Pharmacy and Pharma industry, where his work focused on oncology medicines, HIV and vaccines.  By living in 6 and working in 10 different countries with diverse Health systems and cultural environments and through different work areas, projects, and assignments he has learned to adapt swiftly to changes and to seize the opportunities that those can offer. He has a track record of strong results, enjoy prioritizing, simplifying complex ideas and acting on them with high levels of energy.

He believes in working in partnerships. During SI Presidency in 2021 drug repurposing was high on the agenda to deliver on important element of EU Pharmaceutical Strategy in terms of availability, accessibility and affordability of medicines as there are clear benefits to tackle diseases for which treatment is lacking with “old” medicines and this approach is needed to explore new ways to medicate disease (for example, dexamethasone proved a lifesaver during the covid-19 pandemic, significantly reducing mortality in critical patients who are put on oxygen or ventilators). It is great to see many different initiatives being powered and increased since 2021, REMEDI4ALL being one of the most important ones.

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