Niklas Hedberg


Niklas Hedberg is the Chief Pharmacist at the Swedish national governmental authority, the Dental and Pharmaceuticals Benefits Agency (TLV).

Niklas is the Co-Chair of the HTAR Coordination Group with special expertise in pharmaceuticals and the Chair of the Consortium Executive Board for EUnetHTA21. He was the Chair of the EUnetHTA JA 3, Executive Board between 2018 and 2021.

Niklas has been working with pricing and reimbursement since 2001. He has held positions as medical assessor, project leader, Head of the Department for New Submissions (between 2009 and 2014) and he is now the Chief Pharmacist.

Niklas has a broad experience of different aspects of value-based evaluation and over time has seen the increasing importance for health technology assessment (HTA) both across healthcare systems and on local level to prepare accurate decision-making.

Among Niklas’ special interests have been the early development of joint scientific advice in 2009 and onwards (pilots both nationally with MPA and on the European level with EMA) and strategic discussions about RWD.