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On October 28th, Horizon Magazine published an article on drug repurposing featuring REMEDi4ALL project. According to the magazine, initiatives like REMEDi4ALL or REPO4EU are at the forefront of drug repurposing, not only in Europe but worldwide. Anton Ussi, Operations and Finance Director at EATRIS and REMEDi4ALL coordinator, stressed the relevance of this innovative approach:

‘We’ll still need to discover new drugs, but drug repurposing is going to play a growing role in medicine, and it’s going to be particularly important in the area of rare diseases,’

The article focused on the benefits that drug repurposing can bring to patients, such as the reduction of drug development cost and time. It also depicted the challenging process of bringing a new therapeutic option for an existing medicine from bench to bed, and described how REMEDi4ALL intends to shake the current landscape with the creation of a platform covering the whole value chain of drug repurposing.

‘Our vibrant community will be able to help researchers execute their projects at any phase of development. Our vision for 10 years from now is that drug repurposing will work efficiently, so projects with real potential don’t get stuck in bottlenecks.’

The article also featured a parallel Horizon Europe project on drug repurposing, REPO4EU. This European-funded program aims to finding new applications for registered drugs based on the disease mechanism.

Read the article here.