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Researchers from Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Fiocruz – in Brazil, have published a paper on drug repurposing describing new bibliometric and social network analysis maps, drug repurposing research trends and identified innovation and knowledge leaders.

An article by Priscila C. Albuquerque, Fabio Zicker and Bruna P. Fonseca from Fiocruz has been published in the journal Drug Discovery Today. “Advancing drug repurposing research: Trends, collaborative networks, innovation and knowledge leaders” focuses on the trends in drug repurposing and draws great parallels with research funding, scientific collaboration networks and more. This paper exemplifies the growing interest in drug repurposing and its great potential in a wide range of illnesses, ranging from (rare) cancer to infectious, neglected and emerging diseases with unmet medical need.  

Additionally, the authors highlight the need to share knowledge and expertise in order to accelerate drug repurposing was reflected in the institutional and individual research networks. We are happy to have Fiocruz as part of REMEDi4ALL policy board. Fiocruz’ high-level work and expertise in South-America will help REMEDi4ALL elevate its impact in the drug repurposing field.