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Every year, approximately 140.000 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Europe. This is one of the deadliest cancers, with only 5-10% of patients surviving more than 5 years, and with low-efficacy treatments available.

It is one of the few tumors that is still treated just with chemotherapy, and chemotherapy is not so effective.

Dr Alfredo Budillon

Pancreatic cancer is one of the four disease areas REMEDi4ALL is initially focusing on with the objective of improving therapeutic options through drug repurposing. 

A team lead by Dr Alfredo Budillon, Scientific Director Istituto Pascale, are studying the viability of repurposing Valproic acid (an antiepileptic) and Simvastatin (a cholesterol lowering agent) as a combination therapy to improve treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer.  

Safe and effective therapies are urgently needed to fight Pancreatic Cancer. We are proud to be part of the effort done the by scientific community through the Remedi4all team.

Dr Alfredo Budillon

Click here to watch a snippet of Dr Alfredo Budillon’s interview.