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On 7 March 2024, over 80 attendees representing (non-) governmental funders, philanthropic entities, and pharmaceutical companies from around the world, members of the REMEDi4ALL consortium and Policy Board came together to celebrate the first hybrid meeting of the REMEDi4ALL Funders Network. This network connects funders to maximise the potential of drug repurposing research.

At this meeting, the REMEDi4ALL team unveiled a range of initiatives, incentives, and services designed to support funders in their endeavours. These offerings include the establishment of a marketplace for funding opportunities, provision of template materials for conducting joint calls, development of an assessment framework for evaluating drug repurposing candidates, implementation of a repurposing training programme, creation of innovative funding streams, exploration of viable business models, identification of policy barriers, and formulation of strategies to address them. Funders are encouraged to actively engage in these workstreams, providing direct input, sharing best practices, and participating in focused think tanks on specific topics.

During the meeting, several noteworthy initiatives were highlighted, fostering direct connections and collaborative opportunities among attendees. This interconnectivity showcased the transformative impact that can be achieved through collaboration within such a diverse and dynamic network.

We eagerly anticipate the fruits of our collaboration and the meaningful contributions that will arise from this collective effort. The presentation delivered during the meeting can be accessed here. Together, we embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and collective impact in advancing drug repurposing research for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Find out more about the Funders Network here.