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A worldwide network of funders focusing on drug repurposing has been established under the leadership of REMEDi4ALL partners ZonMw and Anticancer Fund. The network brings together all types of funders — philantropic, public, commercial or venture capital — willing to advance this field by sharing experiences and views on policy issues and exploring potential solutions.

The scope of this global network is to:

  • facilitate collaboration among all types of funding entities and promote collaboration with research institutions and other stakeholders.
  • reduce fragmentation of the drug repurposing funding landscape by supporting the alignment of research agendas, facilitating coordination of funding activities, and supporting joint calls.
  • create innovative funding streams and explore viable business models.
  • share best practices and learnings among funders.
  • connect funders with investigators and projects that run through the REMEDi4ALL platform, including opportunities for joint funding.
  • support high-impact & patient-centric project.
  • enhance research quality.
  • find solutions for funding barriers.
  • advocate for policy changes at national and international levels, including changes in regulatory approval pathways, reimbursement and HTA processes.

Find out more about the funders network here.