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In March 2023, a Curriculum Setting Meeting took place to define what the REMEDi4ALL consortium believe are the most important areas to train the drug repurposing community on.

The conclusions of this meeting were combined with the findings from interviews and focus groups with external stakeholders (including patient groups, industry representatives, academics and regulatory experts) to create an in-depth report into the training landscape for drug repurposing.

The report is organised around three major themes:

  1. What training on drug repurposing currently exists?
  2. What training on drug repurposing does each stakeholder want and need?
  3. What training on drug repurposing does REMEDi4ALL need to create to fill this gap?

The report outlines the specifics of what, where, and how this training should be delivered to help increase overall interactivity and collaboration among stakeholders. The emphasis is placed on benefiting a broad spectrum of stakeholders, particularly patient groups, academics and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), , empowering them to access initial training on drug repurposing that enables them to increase knowledge in this exciting and increasingly relevant area of drug development.

As part of the REMEDi4ALL project, Work Package 3 (WP3) is responsible for training and capacity building and is led by Beacon and EURORDIS. The WP3 team is actively engaged in developing a REMEDi4ALL curriculum based this on the extensive research outlined in this report. The ambition is to ensure that the training offered by REMEDi4ALL not only aligns with the current needs but also uniquely addresses gaps in the existing training landscape.

As the curriculum takes shape, the REMEDi4ALL WP3 team welcomes feedback on both the report and ongoing training initiatives. Interested parties are encouraged to provide their insights by reaching out to the following email address: